During our time creating Steeze, we have grown our network of designers and manufacturers. We make it easy to create custom logo wear by taking care of all the details incorporated in design and production.

One of our notable customers, United Airlines, gave us the opportunity to emulate one of their pre-existing shirts their technical operations unit, out of DIA, wears. They wanted to keep the necessary aspects of the shirts, like reflective tape and logo. The consensus between the administrator and the technical operations group was they needed microphone taps and bigger pockets on the shirt too. We threw our own touch on it and made the shirt out of Tencel to ensure a more durable shirt that could be worn several days in a row with minimal odor build-up, they work hard!

With a skilled network and patience we were able to create a shirt the technical operations group still wears to this day. United is one of many examples of how we are able to create a custom product benefiting you, your employees, and the environment!

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