Built with the Outdoors in mind

 In Colorado, everyone is very active, running, hiking, fishing, climbing, backpacking, and much more. Our personal outdoor activities are primarily two sports, golf and skiing. In the summer and fall we golf, in the winter and spring, we ski. We are blessed to have some of the most challenging terrain for both but also most changing and unpredictable weather conditions. On the golf course, it is customary to wear a collared polo with a quarter-zip sweater on top or packed in the bag, to be ready for when it gets colder or starts raining. When we would put the quarter-zip on, the collar would get in the way, water from rain would drop off onto our hands, and it was either too stuffy or not insulating. On the mountain skiing, the weather is just as unpredictable, but the outerwear selection process has much more to think through in the morning. There are the days when we would need five layers under our coat and then other days where the coat was ditched in full with just a T-shirt. Since the weather would change so much, what usually would happen is in the mornings it was super cold, around 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and then by noon it would rise to over 50 degrees. How do you possibly prepare for that?! Instead of either sweating your butt off from heat stroke or worrying about hypothermia, we found the solution - natural fabrics. 


Hemp has been an effective solution for both golf and skiing. We made "The Cloud" for the course on top a polo or underneath a winter jacket. "The Cloud" is great for golf because it is breathable so it won't get stuffy for when it is hot but blowing a cold wind. It also has incredibly good water absorption so no raindrops will be dripping down risking another lost club in the pond! The collar is also shortened so it will no longer be an excuse during your swing! On really hot days, we have the "Sun Kisser" made out of a wood fiber called Tencel. This naturally derived material is perfect to throw under a polo because of its combination of a hanging fit, UPF protection, breath-ability, and durability. Since we are making outerwear for Colorado, we had to make products benefiting extremely different circumstances, and that's just what we did with "The Cloud" and "The Native". Both hemp products are used together or separately based on preference. Both are thermo-regulating so the inconsistent temperature through the day is nothing but a breeze. Both are made from the most durable fabric in the world, ready for some major sends on the slopes. Both get softer over time so that the more you shred with them, the better they feel. Finally, both are anti-bacterial making getting your garment to smell of odor is now a challenge. With a good smelling shirt, a sore back from sending it huge, a couple friends, and "The Cloud" or "The Native", you are able to walk right into the bar to grab drinks knowing you look fresh while your friends are slacking in some tall tee from the 8th grade or a jerry looking "Spider" hamydown.

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