Summer Steeze

This summer at Steeze we are taking our gear to the streets of Minturn, CO and Breckenridge, CO! We are stoked to be able to see how people react to the gear we have put so much time and effort bringing to life over the past year. 

It's been almost a year and a half since we took our basement idea and brought it to life, it has been such a rewarding and prosperous journey both spiritually and mentally for the team. 

We are so psyched to be The Original Hemp & Bamboo Outerwear Company and in addition use Colorado labor to bring you outerwear no one else in the world can compete with. 

Hemp & Bamboo are foreign materials to many people, the majority of  clothing/outerwear is made from petroleum based synthetic material. Most people only have exposure to a handful of natural materials in their life time, the most notable being cotton. Through our research, we learned bamboo is naturally UV resistant, which is perfect for a state with 300 days of sunshine.

We are so excited to bring you "The Native", the first of many bamboo products we will have as our company grows bigger and bigger. In addition to "The Native", we will be selling the second generation "Base Layer" with a revamped look and bolder stitch, the "Base Layer 2.0" will be your favorite shirt in no time. 

Our founders Caleb Vigil & Keelan Wedeking are Colorado Natives, which is something we and our company take tremendous pride in. Our childhood winters were spent skiing, our summers fishing and golfing, we love the Colorado and we are committed to preserving our planet through the incorporation of natural materials in all of our gear. All of our gear is made in Colorado, we are extremely proud to tell you the only thing we currently do outside of Colorado is source material. 

We are the first of our kind, we are The Original Hemp & Bamboo Outerwear Company. We are Steeze.

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