First Market

Yee Yee, our first ever market was a success. The best piece of advice I had the week before the market was to have no expectations, what great advice. In our debut we got to spread the good message about the uniqueness of our products, and got to inform the world of the amazing benefits of hemp and bamboo. 

It's nostalgic being able to see how far we have come in one and a half years time. You hear all the time from entrepreneurs all over how you have to keep pushing through mountains and believe in what you are doing. One year ago natural materials fell into our lap, we didn't have any clue about the numerous health and environmental benefits of these two plants. It is a true testament to taking life a day at a time and staying positive even when it is easy to be negative. 

Today we learned how many good people we have involved with our company and how shared success is so much sweeter than anything else. Today, we have the opportunity to call ourselves legitimate entrepreneurs, something I have dreamed of since I was a little kid. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far, and will continue to do so. You all inspire us to be our best daily and keep pushing even when challenges arise, you enable us to work harder and keep pushing. 

We look forward to many more days like today and the opportunity to keep pushing through mountains. 

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