Genesis: Part 1

Our origin is simple; we are two dudes with a knack for taking risks, finding silver linings, and ultimately following our convictions.

Our vision when we started was to create something unique, a lifestyle company with a priority of practicing daily gratitude; there is always something to be grateful for. We bought cheap shirts and sold them to our friends and family, but anyone can do that, where is the quality?

Our conviction from the beginning has been to create quality clothes, we believe there is no point in putting our name on something which doesn't reflect this vision. We achieve quality in three unique ways:

1) Manufacturing in the USA or Canada

2) Natural materials (unparalleled sustainability and benefits)

3) We design our gear from the ground up 

We started with bamboo material because of the UV resistance; as CO natives and growing up with 300 days of sunshine, it made sense. This conviction led us to discover Hemp, a way more sustainable version of cotton and a plant with 26,000 uses. Almost immediately, hemp became the cornerstone of Steeze; it's our goal to be synonymous with hemp clothing and products. Sadly, we discovered bamboo is not made sustainably and as a brand, we cannot in good conscience sell bamboo knowing it hurts the environment. Ironically, we can confidently say we aren't some huge environmentalists; it's another huge core value of ours to be responsible when it comes to the environment, we will never choose to neglect the facts...even if it hurts our bottom line.

Growing up in CO we love the outdoors and the brands who pledge to do something to protect the parks and mountains we love. It's troubling to see huge brands and conglomerates who have sanctioned studies about synthetic materials and their environmental degradation, but still choose to make basic, synthetic, shirts and outerwear out of them. We are looking forward to leading the change in regards to sustainable basic shirts and outerwear gear. 

Steeze is the first company with a mission to incorporate natural materials into all of our garments: Hemp and Tencel. Steeze is leading the charge when it comes to sustainable lifestyle clothing right now because waiting for sustainability to become a trend in clothing cannot wait 5-10 years. 

Some companies have branded themselves as environmentally friendly juggernauts, but it's impossible to be environmentally friendly while using synthetic materials: an uncomfortable truth. 

We promise to never use a majority of any synthetic materials in our garments, not even recycled synthetics. In a world where everyone wants to hide the truth, let's embrace it.




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